To get the pure odor of her


So white, so sweat, mmm ….ACTUALLY, the strongest aroma of woman is not at her axilla, even if it’s so sweaty armpit ever! But simply at genital area. The pits become interesting because seldom any disease would hide out there, as long as she take good care of it. No matter whom is gonna your target, star or someone in your everyday life, remember these:

One, make sure your hands clean and odorless before, even from lotion or perfume. If not, it will cause confusion on your smelling system.

Two, never lick or wet kiss her sweaty armpit in any way. Once you do that, forget about the pure aroma. Your saliva plus her perspiration, they bring funny whiff.

Three, try also to provoke her (if you know each other well) not to wear any deodorant, even (mainly) on summer.

I put into practice those three to my girlfriend, and guess what, my nose grows expert! I can distinguish many kind of sweaty armpits. Whether is cold sweat (when she was nervous), hot sweat (after she worked out), et cetera. But that’s another story.


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