Tortures of Hu Miaomiao, 27 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher

On June 15, 2010, Huai’an County police arrested Ms. Hu Miaomiao, a Falun Gong practitioner who worked as a teacher in Zhangjiakou City Kindergarten in Hebei Province. She was sentenced to one year of forced labor and suffered torture and sexual abuse in Shijiazhuang Women’s Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province.

As soon as Ms. Hu arrived at the labor camp, Commander Wang Weiwei ordered detainees Yan Xiuying and Li Lingling to beat her. They pulled her to a storage room where camp officials were waiting for them. They handcuffed Ms. Hu to a metal bed and sealed her mouth shut with tape, and then cut her long hair. Wang Weiwei hit Ms. Hu in the face.

The guards handcuffed Ms. Hu to the bed and ordered her to stand around the clock. They deprived her of sleep and wouldn’t let her call her family. She had no personal items such as toilet paper or underwear. The following day, Commander Hou Junmei put her into a cell with Zong Dongrong, who was at the camp for prostitution. Zong often fought and caused trouble. She harassed Ms. Hu, excreted inside the cell and threw it all over the place. The cell smelled horrible.

Ms. Hu’s mouth was swollen because of a severe beating. Even the tape around her mouth had been broken. About ten days later, Ms. Hu was transferred to a cell. Guards ordered three prisoners, Cheng Qiaoyun, Li Lingling and Wu Yanchun, who were sentenced to forced labor because of stealing, to monitor her. Ms. Hu was frequently beaten, cursed at, criticized, and had to squat and clean the floor with a small cloth. Ms. Hu was warned not to leave a single hair on the floor. Later, she was forced to do hard labor.

Around August 28, 2010, because Ms. Hu protested against the forced labor, Hou Junmei ordered that she be held in a small isolated cell that was damp, smelly and dark at all times. Hou ordered Cheng Qiaoyun and Li Lingling to monitor Ms. Hu. They then handcuffed Zong Dongrong and Ms. Hu together.

In order to have their terms reduced, Cheng Qiaoyun and Li Lingling followed the commander’s orders closely. They tortured Ms. Hu Miaomiao. They lay on their stomachs on the floor and ordered Zong Dongrong to massage them. Because Ms. Hu and Zong Dongrong were handcuffed together, when Zong Dongrong moved, Ms. Hu was forced to move with her. The handcuff injured Ms. Hu’s wrist and caused it to swell. Zong Dongrong beat and cursed Ms. Hu when the handcuffs hurt her.

The guards ordered Li Lingling to sexually abuse Ms. Hu with a broom handle. Ms. Hu couldn’t walk because she was unable to open her legs nor bend them after the torture. The guards had to carry Ms. Hu to the restroom, but she couldn’t squat down, and kept crying because of the extreme pain in her private area. Li Lingling insulted Ms. Hu and said, “Don’t pretend to be in pain. Who never gave birth to a child?”

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wu Yanchun, a detainee, went to Ms. Hu’s cell and brutally beat her. The guards rewarded Wu Yanchun by reducing her term by 15 days.

On December 12, 2010, all of the detainees were forced to watch CCTV news. Cheng Qiaoyun suddenly pulled out the bench where Ms. Hu was sitting, causing her to fall to the ground. Ms. Cao Caiping tried to help Ms. Hu up. After they returned to the cell, Ms. Cao Caiping said to Cheng Qiaoyun, “You were so cruel to Miaomiao. She is still a young girl. Moreover, she is already injured.

Cheng Qiaoyun shouted at Ms. Cao Caiping for trying to help Ms. Hu. After Commander Zhao Subo heard about the quarrel, she took several detainees including Yan Xiuying, Wang Hongyan, Cheng Qiaoyun and Li Lingling to the cell. They handcuffed Ms. Cao Caiping, and brutally beat and shocked her with electric batons until she fainted.

After Ms. Hu Miamiao’s torture was exposed on the Minghui website, Commander Hou Junmei and the camp doctor, Ma Suogong, were furious and demanded that Ms. Hu retract the published report. Ms. Hu Miaomiao’s father asked to see her. The guards ordered Ms. Hu not to speak about the torture, telling her that otherwise she would not be allowed to meet her father.

Ms. Hu was in so much pain that she could barely walk. She had to hold on to a plastic bench and could only move her feet and legs little by little. Prisoners followed and monitored her, but never helped her.

The guards were afraid of others seeing Ms. Hu Miaomiao’s condition, so they ordered the detainee on duty to close the doors of all the cells when Ms. Hu walked by. They allowed her to use the restroom only twice a day–at noon and evening when everyone else was sleeping. The guards didn’t allow her to use the plastic bench as support. Ms. Hu had to tolerate the pain, and hold onto the wall on her way to the restroom.

The bad news is, those are only parts of the tortures that Ms. Hu Miaomiao has endured at Hebei Province Women’s Forced Labor Camp.


One thought on “Tortures of Hu Miaomiao, 27 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher

  1. So crazy! They were so damnt! That beauty young girl is be broken girl just now after their activity! Crazy! I dont know what to say except it… So devil in them!

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