What They Did to Zou Guirong before Her Death

Zou Guirong, a practitioner from Xinbin County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, was persecuted to death. In August 2000, at age 34, she was detained in the second group of the Second Women’s Detention Center, where, incited by the director of the detention center, six or seven criminal inmates physically punished her with brutal beatings behind closed doors. The people involved included Su Jing, the leader of the group, Wang Naimin, Zhang Xiurong, and the leader of the subdivision of that group, Qiu Ping.

In the detention center dormitory, the criminals hung her upside down from the upper bunks for a long time. When she couldn’t endure the pain any more, she fell down and was promptly beaten with broom handles by inmates or guards. See the picture above.

This type of torture forced the victim to prop both legs firmly against the upper deck of a bunk bed and to straighten the waist, abdomen and chest with great effort, with her head facing downwards. The victim had to endure excruciating pain, so much so that she was often covered in sweat.

Besides that punishment, inmates and guards also forced her to half-squat for extended periods of time. They love to punish her this way. If she couldn’t remain absolutely still, she would be beaten. To Zou Guirong, it felt like hell. Perspiration was trickling down, and soon, she took a bath with her own sweat.

They also straightened out her body and then stood on her shoulders, crushing her body below them. This brutal torture resulted me so badly injured that I couldn’t walk. See the photo below.

She finally died due to her tortures. Below is a letter that Zou Guirong wrote to her mother in 2001. The whereabouts of Ms. Yin Liping, who is mentioned in the letter, is unknown as she has been missing for years.

Dear Mom,

I have left you and been gone for nearly two years now, something that I am most sorry about. I know that I am supposed to be with you to carry out my filial responsibilities, but I am unable to do that right now. You have raised me well and given me a firm and compassionate personality. When I learned Falun Dafa, it provided me with more complete standards for being a human–Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. Dafa gave me a new life.

I know you miss me dearly and are afraid that I will suffer in the labor camp. Mom, I want to tell you, if I didn’t practice Dafa, the pain and hardship that I’ve suffered in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp would have been more than enough to kill me. Now I am suffering from even more harsh beatings and abuse at Shenxin Forced Labor Camp. Earlier, my two elder sisters came to see me and under orders from the labor camp, pleaded with me to eat. They even used these words that the police guards often use, “You should be beaten if you don’t admit you’re wrong.” Mom, what have I done wrong? If clarifying the truth in Beijing has become a crime and the nation’s capital has become a restricted area where appeals are forbidden, then what is the point of establishing the appeals offices in the first place?

Practitioners are not guilty of any crime, but we have suffered from relentless torture and abuse in the forced labor camps. I have already finished serving my term (which expired on March 14), yet as of today I have been held for three additional months, and remain detained in the labor camp. Two other practitioners and I went on a hunger strike to appeal for my freedom. When Deguo and my sisters came to visit, the police deceived them into pleading with me to make me eat, and made them believe that I would be set free once my sentence was finished.

On June 5, when we returned from Dabei Prison Hospital (I was sent there after the hunger strike at Shenxin and taken to a dark basement with metal doors and locks which made it appear like a dungeon) to Shenxin Labor Camp with another practitioner, labor camp officials extended Wang Li’s sentence for six months. Supposedly, she was to be set free on June 15, but now the policy is that those who do not renounce their practice will have their sentences continually extended. In fact, three days after we returned to Shenxin, they again started to force me to wear clothing denouncing our practice. I and another practitioner, Yin Liping, refused to wear them.

The vicious female police guards dragged me into an office, tore my shirt, and forced me into those clothes. They pulled my hair, hit my head, and slapped me in the face. After the abuse, I was locked up. Yin Liping and I were locked up in separate cells. Both of our sentences have expired and we should have been released to go home, but because we persisted in our practice, we continue to remain in custody and continue to suffer from vicious abuse. So in reality, who is breaking the law?

We don’t assault people verbally or physically, but are branded as criminals. Instead, those who recklessly abuse and harass others are supposed to be at no fault at all. They supposedly enforce the law, but break the law themselves. Who is evil and who is righteous? The answer is quite obvious. Currently right and wrong are inverted, and people just can’t distinguish good from bad these days.

Because I practiced the Falun Gong exercises, I had to suffer from being shocked by guard Song Xiaoshi’s electric batons. He used two electric batons to shock me. The third time, he shocked me in the guard chamber until the battery of the electric baton went dead. The officers spread a lot of deceitful propaganda. They deceive practitioners’ families using even more deceitful methods, telling them about how we became such-and-such in the labor camp. We are also human, and have families and children, but in addition to extending our imprisonment, they even say that we cause trouble and that we are not reasonable.

They talk one way, but act another way; they simply do not do correct things. Everything here is deceptive, and they do not speak the truth. Last time my two older sisters came to visit, I refused to meet my with them (it would have been our second meeting) because I didn’t want the guards’ plot to prevail, and that is why I refused. As a result, they sent us to the Dabei Prison Hospital. We went there and saw that the basement looked like a black hell. If we didn’t eat and died from starvation, no one would even notice.

During our second hunger strike, when Yin Liping was force-fed, Division Head Guo Yong threw a punch to her back, leaving her unable to walk. Her back movements are still very limited. The guards treat practitioners with such brutality. Can’t all this awaken our families to distinguish clearly between right and wrong? Yin Liping is totally aware of the evil drama. She condemns them every time she is force-fed, and lets the people know about their evil actions. Since Yin Liping’s last force-feeding, division head Guo Yong has been afraid to make an appearance, because his evil deeds have been completely exposed by Yin Liping. Doing good will bring good, and doing evil will bring evil. The heavens will not forgive them.

Mom, please tell Deguo to be alert and not trust anyone easily, especially the guards from the Shenxin Forced Labor Camp. This includes what they say and what they ask him to do. My hospital expenses should be covered by the Shenxin Labor Camp; do not listen to their deceit.

Wishing you good health and longevity! Wishing the entire family happiness!

I am currently at Shenyang City Dabei Prison underground prison hospital.

Your fourth daughter: Guirong

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