Say no to real torture

consensual torture

consensual torture

I don’t get it when people torturing minorities in their own country, yet as outsider, compassionately ‘helping’ other country’s minorities. I don’t get it when those people, without awareness + understanding, get involved in the riots, in the name of religion, in the name of God.

I don’t get it, as I see those people full of tears, giving their hands for something they can’t really control, only to be seem generous. I don’t get it, that thousands of people who are touted as ‘siblings’, must wait because those people have to prioritize their ‘importance’.

I don’t get it, certainly because I’m non political / geopolitical ‘genius’. And there are trillions of knowledge. I’m 0,0001 of a sprinkle. I don’t get it, but won’t stop to understand it, to fight it / for it, to eventually come up at least with a thought that ‘I get it’.

Consensual torture is ok and sexy. Real torture is not.


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