Why oh why you’re so cynical

Love is real, cynical is too

Love is real, cynical is too

Once upon a time, I had a friend who is so cynical about things. Seeing a bunch of people happy in the restaurant, he said, “It’s because they have a boss who’ll pay everything they eat.” Seeing ugly man had a beautiful girlfriend, he said, “He must be have a big pe**s.” And so forth.

You know what, he also told that, “If you’re not cynical in today’s world, you won’t get attention!”

Seriously, this guy was (is?) very negative. He’s always focus on criticizing people, rather than the good things. No wonder, one by one, his pals didn’t want to be near him anymore. He was beginning to losing the friends.

And to be more surprisingly, as I know, he didn’t introspect in his lonely life.

Oh… how lost are you, son!


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