Models should obey the photographer

Model obeys photographer

Model obeys photographer

I’m a visual artist and photographer. I like creating art since my childhood. Then in my early adult, I pursue careers in graphic design, photography, cinematography, and things like those. But mostly, I really enjoy to photograph beautiful models.

When I’m with my camera, I can make a model do what I want her to do.

I said squat, she squatted. I said wear this, she wore that. I said open your mouth wider, she opened her mouth wider. I said jump, she jumped. I said jump again, she did it again. I said higher, she did it higher. I said run in place and don’t stop till I say so, she run hard as long as I want. I said let your sweats drop don’t wipe it, she obeyed. I said raise your hands, she raised her hands.

This is what I call… the power of contract. I love my jobs, if you know what I mean.


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