Mislead by screen

Friend them offline before judge them

Friend them offline before judge them

To judge people from what they say in public, broadcast on air, or post on social media would confuse you. Not all people post the pictures of their trips, every details of the exquisite food, those pretty pancakes and expensive coffee, the hotels, villas, cafes, airports, clubs or jacuzzi they visit and taste. Not all people share their stories with their partners, their romantic moments, their busy job and amazing experience.

Above all, not all people can and would share their deepest feelings and secrets publicly.

What you see on the screen is indeed parts of them, glimpses you can peek, but not all of them. Not the depth. Maybe some parts, yes, but definitely not the exact and whole description of a person. Your overestimation as well as underestimation would lead you to silly fallacies.

Don’t judge people if you don’t friend her/him offline. I think that’s obvious.


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