Dark armpit and diabetes

Is that dark armpit symptom of diabetes?

Is that dark armpit symptom of diabetes?

Some people think that when you have a dark underarms, you must be at risk for getting diabetes (type 2). Is that right? Firstly, diabetes is a condition in which there is too much blood sugar in the body system. The excess sugar eventually ends up being excreted in the urine.

The primary cause of type 1 diabetes is insulin production being stopped in the pancreas or by resistance to insulin resistance in the body – as is the case in type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is more grave as it will progressively kill since the body is impervious to the effects of insulin (the sugar regulation hormone and fuel switch). Type 2 diabetes has a observable symptom in acanthosis nigricanis, a condition of hyperpigmentation.

Dark armpits could be diabetes or just the pigment issue

Dark armpits could be diabetes or just the pigment issue

The mechanism of action is that when insulin is flowing freely in the blood in high quantities, the insulin sometimes ends up in the pigment creating cells of our body, called melanocytes.

Insulin then causes these cells to create a lot of melanin (the skin pigment) and on exposure to the sun, the melanin darkens. Typically, the areas that are affected with hyperpigmentation are the back of the neck, armpits and groin.

So, look at your armpit. If it’s dark, you could be have diabetes. But that is not the only possibility, don’t worry. Dark armpit can be caused by race of pigment issue too. Just get a glucometer and check it out. Or, you should go to the nearest hospital to make sure.


3 thoughts on “Dark armpit and diabetes

  1. I’m 18 years aged plus my armpits have been getting dark because I was 13. I recognize it can be a sign inside diabetes(I am a little overweight with a bmi of 28) still I have had 2 blood tests done and all my cholesterol, blood sugar etc. are all usual so its not that. Does anybody recognize what is the cause? Also does anybody know how to treat it? P.S. I’ve tried scrubbing and I excercise regularly and nothing has assisted thus far.

    • Hello, Christy. Have you checked your parents? The dark could be just a hereditary factor, not a disease symptom. So, to treat it, contact the nearest beauty & skin consultant.

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