Jessica Iskandar

Jessica Iskandar

Jessica Iskandar

Let’s talk about a gorgeous, famous girl now. Yes, Jessica Iskandar! You know, she is an Indonesian actress and model. She was born in Jakarta, January 29th, 1988. She attended university in Jakarta, studying Interior Design, while acting.

In 2007, Jessica planned to end her acting career before she turned 25 year old. So she could become a housewife. And seems like she’s serious. Because right now she’s engaged with a German guy, two years younger: Ludwig Franz Willibald Maria Joseph Leonard.

Jessica Iskandar’s movie are Dealova (2005), Diva (2007), Nazar (2009), Coblos Cinta (2008), Istri Bo’ongan (2010), and Tali Pocong Perawan (2012). Not to mention her TV series.

In one of her movie, Kung Fu Pocong Perawan, a romance-comedy. Jessica Iskandar is Mey Mey. You can see Jessica’s smooth armpits when she is tied up and tortured a bit.

It’s not the sweaty armpit views. But it’s long enough to enjoy. I give you a clue: The scene is in the last half of the movie. Go watch yourself.


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      • haha iya ane juga tau kok,
        cari lsg yg dvdrip dri googling sih klo ane mah, hehe…
        bner aja tuh ada keiket nya haha…

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