Herpits fanpage

Herpits fanpage

This is our fanpage, guys…

Hey, so far did you know that we have a page on Facebook? It talks about female armpits, be as an education or an entertainment. It’s called Herpits. Facebook (dot) com (slash) herpits, you can’t be wrong spell. It would be lovely if you visit, click “like”, and share your thought about the topic there. Of course, if you love the topic.

We’ve got the monthly albums called Eyes On Indonesian celebrities. We’ve got useful, concise information, so you can learn something. We’ve got videos of sweaty armpits. We’ve also got memes or comic strips to make you–well, at least–smile.

And a lot more to come! Damn, we have plenty of ideas about this fanpage in the future. Not to mention if you give some constructive ideas too. Please notice that up there, we’re not just collecting photos or videos like a bunch of freaks. We share some proven tips & trick to get the real armpits.

If you love the beautiful female armpits, you will love www.facebook.com/herpits as well. Please join us.


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