Do babies love poems?

Babies love beautiful words, even when it's still in the uterus

Babies love beautiful words, even when it’s still in the uterus

Yeah, sure! Children love repetition, rhyme, and something like that! They respond for poems. Maybe this is less scientific, but I did some experiments to my nephews and nieces (who are under two year old). They always smile when I read them some poems, which are not funny and I didn’t make it look funny.

I am not a literary man. I just do my experience. Since the babies respond to music, I’d like to know how about the lyrics alone? Or the poems?

And they responded it!

My methodology is, a baby is on his/her parent’s laps. I read him/her a poem for about 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile, someone from 20-30 feet recorded the baby’s expression, for I could not.

5 of 10 babies gave positive reaction (smile or laugh). 3 gave stayed cool without any significant expression. And 2 gave negative reaction (cry uncomfortably).

Maybe, I need more subject of experiments. But, hey, I’m not the real scientist. I just jump to conclusion that the baby responds to poems.

So, if you want to your baby’s brain grow well. Read her/him a quality poem. Always talk to her with positive and beautiful words.

Babies are not just cute, they are the miniatures of civilisation that will build the community perspective, social culture, diversity, love and moral clarity. Cheers to all the parents around the world. Be careful with your babies! Don’t swear or spell the dirty words in front of them. Even when it still inside you womb.


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