My precious maid


There was this girl who once worked as a maid in a boy’s house. The beautiful is just 20 yo. From the first time Masbro laid eyes on her, he knew that she had a fine body under her dirty maid’s clothes. Maudy Ayunda also knew about this and from time to time, she would show him a glimpse of her sexy skin.

For the rest of the day, the young master kept on visualizing her moistness armpits. He had this terrible urge in his mind to feel and tickle them for hours. Other time, he had a clear glimpse of her sexy, sweaty and hairless underarms.

That day Maudy Ayunda was cleaning the upper walls of the rooms, and he had to hold the stool on which she stood. She was wearing a sexy black sleeveless shirt and as she lifted her arms up to clean the walls, her virgin armpits were totally naked and exposed to the greedy world outside, which given a chance.

Masbro could smell the sweat of her armpits and that made him really horny. He thought, look how much distress Maudy Ayunda is in, sweating in all, how I could relieve her by simply pulling her down and licking her armpits to clear off all the sweat and replace them with my sticky saliva which would make her underarms even more greasy, smelly and desirable when the actual finger tickling comes into play.

Also Maudy Ayunda had an erotic characteristic that she was naturally hairless, so her armpits weren’t shaved, they were just naturally smooth. That, combined with the fact that she sweated a lot made her armpits really, really desirable for any guy.

“I’ve got to touch her naked armpits on a hot summer night when they’re all sweaty and soft”, he thought.

As the saying goes, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Chance did favor the two of them as Masbro’s parents went out of town for a whole weekend during the month of May. Everybody knows, May is the hottest Indian summer month. He had already noticed that Maudy Ayunda wore a skimpy see-thru sando during the nights.

So, the much-anticipated night finally came as Masbro’s parents had already left the house. Both of them finished dinner at 8:30 PM, two hours prior to their normal dinner-time. Masbro had already told Maudy Ayunda not to take a bath that day as he wanted her all dirty and sweaty.

At 8:45, both of them changed to their sleeping clothes. Maudy Ayunda wore her normal sleeveless dress exposing her bare armpits and Masbro wore a T-shirt.

That night was especially hot with temp around higher 30’s and humidity around higher 90’s. Maudy Ayunda was already sweating quite a bit and gave out the sweet scent of her female sweaty body odor. Masbro couldn’t resist her anymore and pulled her into the room. He was all alone in that room with his sweaty companion, who was looking so vulnerable in her sweaty sleeveless sando which was torn at favorable places.

Then he slowly started feeling her with his fingers, first her sweaty sando and then her wet sweaty skin, all the time being bombarded with smell of girlish sweat. He loved it and his penis went from soft to hard in no time.

“Wait for I have quite something in store for you,” he thought devilishly all the time feeling his virgin female friend. Then with one jerk, he forced her onto the bed, made on the floor, and tied her hands up tightly over her head in a spread eagle fashion so that her soft and moist armpits were totally exposed to his cruel intentions.

Then he slowly but surely started licking her sexy armpits, lubricated in sweat and smelling so erotically dirty from the heat. When he made first contact with her armpits, he found to his amazement and pleasure that even his tongue was rougher than her armpits, so smooth were they, not a single speck of hair follicle growth on her soft armpits.

At this time, Maudy Ayunda gave out a soft moan as it tickled her very much and was feeling helpless against his cruel armpit torture as she couldn’t budge nor defend her pretty virgin like armpits.

“What sweaty armpits you’ve got, baby! I’m gonna clear all the sweat by licking them, then I’m gonna tickle them with my fingers and nails”.

Maudy Ayunda became afraid and started to squirm and strained herself to get released but all in vain. The rope was too tight. Now, the real fun began as Masbro started to tickle Maudy Ayunda’s right armpit with his right hand meanwhile continuing to lick her left armpit. As he started tickling, he felt the smooth caress of the bald sweaty armpit against his ruthless sliding fingers.

Maudy Ayunda moaned and groaned with anxiety and pleasure. She tried to resist the feeling inside of her hot wet sex, but finally gave in. The undeniable tickling pleasure that she got from him almost brought her mind to a state of trance. It was as if her armpits wanted his fingers to tickle them cruelly as they had never been tickled and tormented in this way.

“Tickle – tickle – tickle,” he said continuing to tickle her armpits ever more vigorously. He scraped his fingers over her sweaty, naturally smooth armpits like a dog digging something outta the earth. She screamed peevishly, yet to deaf ears.

Now Masbro had started scratching the sweaty, sticky surface of her armpits with his nails and Maudy Ayunda moaned with pleasure. She became even hotter and that turned him on more as she sweated that bit more.

“Oh NO! He is gonna tickle me to death!” she thought, getting more hotter than ever. As he continued to lick her left armpit, new sweat poured out from the pores of her armpit and he licked and smelled them deeply.

“What a beautiful smelly armpit you’ve got, baby!” he said, rubbing his nose against the moist sensitive skin of her armpit.
She gave out a cry. His nasal black-heads were tickling her armpits and new never before sensations came from her sweaty surface. She pleaded ever more desperately but there was no respite for her. This was the longest night of her life and she prayed that it end soon.

Meanwhile, Masbro was tickling her right armpits with his fingers and nails. The first time he touched her sensitive and vulnerable right armpit; new pleasures crept into his mind. Maudy Ayunda wriggled and giggled out of pain, but Masbro, once getting the taste of her intoxicating armpits could not keep his hands off them. He went around stroking her smooth armpits in circles, all the time her sweat drenching his fingers and her sensitive skin wriggling under his cruel touch.

Maudy Ayunda thought that she’d die from the ticklish pleasure that he was giving her and ran out of breath several times, and yet Masbro kept going on in spite of all her pleading. Tears rolled out of her eyes as she couldn’t bear his fingers and tongue, tickling the hell out of her soft supple underarms.

All this non-stop tickling had made her unerarms super sensitive. He moaned and pleaded but the unyielding rope wasn’t going to relinquish it’s hold on her arms, and so was Masbro, unwilling to relinquish his control over Maudy Ayundas’s soft underarms.

Maudy Ayunda, out of breath, being tickled so relentlessly in a vulnerable and private region, felt like dying, out of the lust and of the misery. She could smell her own sweet scent in the air along with his smell but couldn’t breathe it in as she continuously had to laugh or giggle because of the tickling. She felt a sense of bondage and vulnerability as she knew that he could do anything to her and she couldn’t do a thing about it. How submissive and miserable she felt, only did she know. But it was altogether different for Masbro. He also sensed Maudy Ayunda’s vulnerability and exploited it to his maximum. He started tickling her sweaty supple armpits even faster, until Maudy Ayunda screamed out.

She had sweated so much that the entire bed was now wet with her sweet scented sweat. Squirmed. Squealed in her vulnerable spread eagle position and begged him, “Please STAAAPP!!! Tee He he he he”.

But he was altogether in a different mind frame and was getting off on her sexy sweaty squirmy young petite friend. She looked at her tormentor with cute puppy dog eyes and pleaded for mercy but there was none shown.

As it was getting hotter by the minute, both of them started sweating and releasing more pheromones. Masbro took a deep breath and inhaled Maudy Ayunda’s sweaty body odor, which turned him on even more. This, combined with her pleas for mercy, girlish giggles and her squirming body that he held underneath him made him want to cum all over her.

There was no escape from his ticklish touches. Only he could make it stop, but she knew for sure that he wouldn’t. Unable to take it anymore, she gave out a blood-curdling scream out of the extreme ticklishness and finally fainted.

Masbro stopped.

He took a deep breath smelling her. And released her from her bondage. Maudy Ayunda’s nude body fell limp on his arms as he untied her from the ropes which bound her wrists and her ankles. He then delicately put her arms down beside her body in order to avoid staring at her sexy teenage armpits (and get another erection), and again kissed her, this time on her lips.

He then picked his girlfriend up, wrapped her naked body with a piece of dry cloth and carried her to his own air-conditioned room. There he laid her on his bed and started wiping off all the sweat from her pretty young face. Then, he started wiping away the sweat from her limp body with the help of the wrapper without exposing her. “Man, I think I really like this girl. She is so darn beautiful. Hope I didn’t torture her too much.”

His thoughts were interrupted by noises coming from Maudy Ayunda’s mouth. She had regained consciousness and was trying to say something. Masbro put his hands gently on her forehead caressing it and said, “ Hi dear, welcome back! Hope you’d forgive me for what I did to you. I’m sorry if I overdid it but I couldn’t help it. You were looking so sexy that…”

“It’s okay. I forgive you,” Maudy Ayunda said smiling coyly.

His heart leaped with joy as soon as he heard this and kissed Maudy Ayunda lightly on her lips showing his appreciation. Maudy Ayunda reciprocated to his kiss.

“I’m very thirsty,” Maudy Ayunda uttered.

So Masbro brought her a bottle of water. As she was drinking the contents blissfully, Masbro turned on the A.C.

“I love you” he said hesitantly, looking into her dark pretty eyes.

She smiled the prettiest girly smiles he’d ever seen and kissed him playfully whispering into his ears, “I know”. Then she hugged him close to her body embracing him with both hands.


In his dreams, he saw himself tickling and licking the living daylights out of his petite tickle-slave. But then something fatal happens. That’s why he woke up bruptly. It was 5:00 am next morning.

He saw her sexy female figure sleeping peacefully beside him. H was glad it was only a dream. He looked at that sexy hairless armpits. By now, the sweaty skin of her underarm had dried up but was still sticky and smelly from the excessive perspiring yesterday night.

Masbro brought his nose close to her left armpit to sniff her underarm odor and found her sweet scent of sweat entering his nose, providing him with carnal delight. Just at that instance, he had this incredible urge to touch and feel the sticky surface of her armpits and to keep his fingers on them tickling and stroking them for eternity. The complete lack of hair on her underarm skin like that of a little girl made them even more tempting.

Maudy Ayunda was oblivious of her predicament and was sleeping away like she didn’t have a worry in the world. It makes him couldn’t control himself anymore. Looking at his sexy tickle-slave, and the erotic way in which she was sleeping, feelings of domination and bondage came to his mind. He badly wanted to tie her up like yesterday night, this time, even more tightly so as to constrain her movements even more, and then erotically tickle her.

So he slowly got up from the bed, taking care not to wake her up, and went straight to the storage room. There he found some strong nylon ropes. He took four of those ropes back to his room, slowly, heart pounding, where the evil game of her b.d.s.m. tickle-torture was about to commence.

As he got inside, he carefully closed the door shut and put some kind of sound absorbing material over them. Then he slowly tiptoed towards the bed where his erotic slave was lying helplessly in her nude body, deep in slumber.

At first, he delicately picked her left wrist up and put a loop of the nylon rope around it. He then tied the other end of the rope to one of the bedposts tightly. As he pulled on the ropes to tighten the knot, her arms stretched up over her head more and more until her skin was stretched taut. Then he repeated the process with her other arm taking care not to wake her up.

All that stretching had created a slight mound (raise) of skin dead at the center of her armpits. He then, went to the bottom of the bed and started tying her ankles. After all, her four limbs had been secured to the bedposts.

He stared evilly at her helpless spread-eagled body and started to feel hot. He had stretched the poor girl’s body and limbs as far as anatomically possible. But he was amazed to see that his girlfriend was still deep in sleep.

Before beginning her torturing, he had turned off the A.C. so as to make her break into a sweat again. The room was definitely getting hotter and hotter as he started bringing his fingers closer to her highly ticklish underarms. He couldn’t resist allure of those smooth armpits, looking so cute and sexy and vulnerable.

He decided to slowly pick up the tempo of his tickling, so at first he started grazing the hollows with each of his forefingers. He felt a slight hint of moisture forming on her smooth armpit skin as they didn’t seem to be as sticky as they did before. The sweat had lubricated her armpits, as his fingertips slipped quite easily over them.

Meanwhile, Maudy Ayunda started to move within her bondage. She smiled involuntarily in her sleep and squirmed within her bondage to get away from the ticklish sensations. The restrained movement of her petite body made him even hornier and he started grazing her underarm skin with all of his fingers and a little firmly this time. Unable to withstand the highly ticklish feelings, she screamed and woke up with a start.

“Hello, good morning,”, he said mockingly.

She gasped for some breath, then looked around her contemplating her predicament. She tried to budge in her bondage but the ropes didn’t allow her the slightest bit of movement. She was totally helpless, at the mercy of her tickle-tormentor.

“How’re you feeling today? Not too ticklish I hope,” he asked again with sarcasm.

Understanding her situation, and to what was going to happen to her, she started pleading and begging him for mercy. “Please! Don’t do it to me. I can’t take it. I’ll die. Please.”

“Do what?” he asked in a mischievous tone.

“TICKLE!” she said panilyly.

Smiling victoriously as he had tricked her girlfriend, he said, “Okay honey, whatever you wish. Here goes.”

As he said that, he plunged his fingers deep into the ticklish hollows of her armpits and started tickling the soft sensitive skin with fervor. She gave out a loud squeal and violently started tugging on the ropes that bound her wrists. But the ropes were unyielding. She screamed and squealed and arched her back, desperately trying to protect her two most ticklish spots, but to no avail. They were helplessly exposed to his sadistic torture rituals.

She yelled and giggled frantically, “Plehehehese Stahahahap. Noooo, Tee hee hee hee hee….”

“Does that tickle?” he said, in a state of bliss. The only answer that he got was more girly giggles and squeals.

“I’m not stopping till you answer me!” he said commandingly.

“Yessss hee hee hee ittt ticklesss heehehe” she spurted out between her sharp squeals.

Deciding that he wants some more of her sexy and by now, sweaty armpits, he started tickling the smooth sweaty skin with new vigor. This time he used his fingertips and moved them in a to and fro motion at the center of her armpits, where there was a slight raise in the skin due to her outstretched arms. This region of her armpit was the most ticklish and he became aware of it as soon as she shrieked a high pitch tone as he made contact with this area.

She started shaking her body violently in order to get away from the tickling, but couldn’t. The ropes just wouldn’t let her get away. They were holding her in a vice like grip. She thought that all the elements of nature had cruelly turned against her as if she was in tickle-hell and he was the devil himself, torturing her.

He stopped to let her breathe for sometime. As she was getting back to the realm of this world, he attacked her again with his wiggling fingers on both of her smooth moist armpits. Only this time, he dug in his fingers deep into the soft tenderness of those sweaty smelly armpits.

She gave out a blood-curdling scream and arched her back to avoid his fingers but the ropes refrained her. She struggled with the ropes and this created a pronounced hollow on her underarms. He dug in, and started tickling savagely on the moist tender skin of those armpit hollows. He tickled and tickled and tickled her underarms like there was no tomorrow.

Her pits were so much worked up that they were sweating buckets, only to Masbro’s advantage. The sweat had created a shine over the armpit skin, which not only made them look sexier but also made them ultra-soft and sensitive to touch.

He kept tickling her relentlessly inside those pretty little hollows and heard her howling and panting in distress. Her mouth was open yet no sound was coming out. He knew that she had gone into the realm of ‘silent laugh’. But he didn’t desist, he kept on raking his blunt fingernails and fingertips inside her highly ticklish and sweating armpits.

He loved her sweaty armpits. There’s something about sweat in a girl’s underarm that turns him on more then the underarm itself. Maybe it was the extra softness and moistness that was created due to the sweat. Maybe it was the erotic smell of her underarm-sweat. Maybe the sweat made her underarms smoother and more erotic to touch.

Maybe it made her pits more greasy, thus helping him to tickle them effortlessly as his fingers would glide over the sexy skin with ease. Who could tell? Only Masbro knew.

After taking about thirty seconds of his ‘dug-in’ tickle torture Maudy Ayunda gave out a final squeal for mercy and fainted. But Masbro wouldn’t stop. He couldn’t stop. He was in, what many calls, ‘an altered state of tickling’.

He tickled and tickled her helplessly exposed armpits for about two more minutes, all the time feeling the sexy sweaty skin beneath his fingers and finally gave out a loud moan and came all over her petite belly.

Then he stopped the brutal tickling and kissed the pretty girl on her moist underarms as if he was thanking them for this huge relief. He smooched her right armpit for about a minute and finally laid down quietly beside her limp tortured nude body. While smooching her armpit, he licked her armpit skin, which tasted salty due to the excessive sweating.

He then took a towel and slowly wiped off all the sweat from her underarms. As he was wiping the sweat away, he again had an urge to feel her newly dried armpits, which would again feel sticky to touch, but refrained. Then he took the wet towel from her underarm sweat and put it over his face, sniffing away at the smell of her girlish sweat.

After a while, Maudy Ayunda slowly started returning to her senses. Her naked body started to move and writhe within her bondage and she started to recuperate. She opened her eyes and saw him staring at her taut outstretched arms and underarms. Nervously, she asked him, “what happened?”

“You fainted away when I was doing this to you,” Saying this, he poked his index fingers on her armpits. She giggled and squirmed away from the ticklish touch.

“Why do you tickle me like that?”, she asked submissively.

“Because I like to feel the moist smoothness of your babylike underarms,” he uttered.

“But it tickles a lot. Please don’t tickle me like that. Pleee-hee-hee-hee-hee noooo….” she was abruptly interrupted by his fingers probing into her armpit hollows.

He found them really soft and sensual and wanted to tickle the living hell outta her. But he thought to take it slow. As it was around 8:30 am by that time, he decided to stop tormenting her.
He slowly untied her, taking care to poke her vulnerable spots every now and then. She squirmed and giggled all the time. Finally, when she was free, she put both her hands inside her armpits and tried to rub away the ticklish sensations. Masbro saw this and his pants grew tighter.

Finally, she put her clothes back on. Teasingly, she kissed him on his lips softly and went away to her daily work.

It was the first Saturday of May and it was an exceptionally hot and humid day. Outside, the sun was shining like a torch and the temperature was around 40*C, with 95% humidity. Both of them were sweating profusely as they went about their daily business.

Maudy Ayunda was not wearing her usual summer sleeveless work-clothes, but an even skimpier sando, which she used to wear during the night. That made for quite a flesh show.

The sando had quite large armholes, which showed off much of the skin around her underarm region. It had spaghetti strap-ons that accentuated the skin show. The armholes were pretty large and wide and loosely fitted on her petite teen body, which caused her soft puffy nipples to peek from underneath her skimpy clothing.

He had promised her to help her out with her work that day, and he was true to his word. After finishing their breakfast, they started cleaning the household furniture together. Masbro and Maudy Ayunda stood side-by-side as they started to clean the bookshelf.

After dusting the bookshelf, they decided to clean each and every book separately, and so Masbro sat in front of Maudy Ayunda as she kept passing him the books, which he cleaned with a towel. He sat in a position facing her torso and his head was at her shoulders’ height. Both of’em felt the heat of the day and were sweating buckets.

He could smell a familiar scent in the air, that of his hot girlfriend’s sweat. Her silky smooth skin glistened with beads of sweat and her skimpy sando was all wet and translucent.

Then suddenly, out of the blues, she lifted her arms to get the books from the top-shelf. As she did this, she unknowingly exposed her lovely, smooth sweaty armpits. As his eyes got transfixed into her sweaty private spots, what he saw made him light-headed.

Beads of perspiration had formed on her silky smooth underarm, and droplets of sweat ran down the length of her underarm skin.

Her armpit regions were so sweaty that the layers of sweat that had formed made them glisten in a manner as if they were laminated. Her underarms looked even smoother with all that sweat. The fresh scent of sweat that came gushing from her exposed armpits made his head spin.

She was carefully taking out the books from the upper shelves and passing it on to his tickle-tormentor, every time exposing her much-tormented underarms. Masbro could take her tease no more, and greedily he put his index fingers into each of her armpits and grazed the sweaty damp skin.

Maudy Ayunda squeaked and backed off from him. She looked into his eyes questioningly, asking, “why you did that?” and waited for an answer. Understanding the gravity of the situation, he apologized saying that his hands had accidentally touched her underarms while cleaning and that it won’t happen again.

She knew that he was lying and that what he was trying to do. Noticing the bulge in his pants, she giggled silently and decided to tease him some more.

She went up close to him again and started picking up the books from the upper shelves. But this time, she went a step closer to him and worked with both her arms raised above her head.

She could sense his warm breath on her perspiring wet body. Trying to reach to a far corner of the bookshelf, she stretched her arms in such a way that her damp armpit skin rubbed over his face.

It was as if his face was buried in her outstretched armpit hollows. Masbro was in cloud nine. Given his fetish for teenage girls’ sweaty armpits, he lost control of himself and thrust his head forward inside her moist, smelly yet smooth underarms. She giggled at this gesture, but allowed him to explore her moist sensitive underarms.

The erratic movement of his face inside her armpit hollow tickled her, but she had had worse. He was feeling right at home. Her sweaty skin drenched his entire face and he could smell of nothing, but her musky sweaty body odor. So sweaty was her skin that his face moved effortlessly inside the warm moist hollows of her underarms. As moisture got transferred from her pits to his face.

He loved her silky smooth (armpit) skin with all the beads of perspiration that had formed over it. He took out his tongue and started licking her soft sweaty underarm hollow. Her smooth armpit skin tasted quite salty and soggy, he just loved the feeling of her soft underarm skin against his face and his tongue.

Maudy Ayunda giggled and squirmed a bit, but allowed him to continue with his ticklish activities. He rubbed his entire face over her left armpit, like it was some kind of towel used to dry one’s face, only difference being that this one’s used to wet one’s face. He then allowed the sweat on his face to dry off as it started giving off a strong scent of girlish sweat.

He continued this until he was satisfied with sniffing her sweaty pits, then he used his left fingers to gently tickle her right armpit. Maudy Ayunda squealed and brought her arms down in an instant, trapping his wriggling fingers inside her slippery armpit cavity.

Masbro loved the sensation of her soft sweaty skin trapping his fingers and wriggled them even in that trapped position. She screamed and shook violently trying to get away from him, but he crossed his legs around her thin waist refraining her.

She kept on squealing and giggling as he tickle-licked her sweaty armpits. Meanwhile, he used his other free hand to feel and frolic with her sexy petite torso. He felt her thin body, the skimpy piece of clothing that covered her, soaking wet from her sweat.

He then slowly moved his hands up towards her breasts feeling and squeezing every bit along the way. He squeezed and counted her ribs along the way up and Maudy Ayunda squealed with ticklish discomfort. As his ticklish fingers closed in on her nipples, he found the soaked wet clothe giving way to bare naked flesh. The armholes of her wet sando had grown so large, due to the sweat.

“Tee hee hee hee!!! Pleasee staaaapp. It tticklesss. Hee heee hee hee” she squealed out in between giggles. But her seductive girlish laughter turned him on even more and he accelerated the tickle-torture. She was making an effort to say something, when all of a sudden he started raking his fingernails firmly over the sweaty surface of her left armpit.

“Aaaaa ha ha ha ha!! Noohooohoo. Tee hee hee hee hee…” she screamed out. Masbro was in tickling paradise. His tortuous fingers left a trail of ticklish irritation everytime he scratched her delicate armpit skin with his fingers. He started from the top her arms and lightly scratched his way towards her most ticklish region.

As his fingers neared the sweating armpits his touch became firmer and ticklish and on reaching the erotic sweaty surface, he scratched it vigorously without relent or mercy. Meanwhile, his right hand fingers had zeroed in on her nipple and were tickling it with fervor. He used his index finger to stroke her nipple in an up and down motion. All this caused her to reach the height of ticklish discomfort and she started to laugh silently.

Her mouth was agape but she was inaudible. All he could think about at that moment was to tickle her like that for days and months and years. He speeded up his tickling as his fingers started galloping like horses on top of her smooth sweaty armpits.

She squealed and thrashed her head about and her body writhed within his unyielding touches. He started drawing figures with his fingers on her armpit skin making 0’s and 8’s and adding and multiplying numbers.

Then if he’d make a mistake in his additions, he would scratch the soft skin with his fingernails to simulate rubbing, and then redraw his calculations. This was driving her insane, but she couldn’t get a word out of herself. The silent laugh prevented her from talking.

All this crazy tickling caused her to involuntarily drop the books that she was carefully holding in her hands. Seeing this, Masbro loosened his hold on his poor ticklish girlfriend and with one jerk she freed herself from her predicament.

Getting freed, she sat herself down on the nearby sofa and started panting from the exhaustion of laughing so hard. Her sexy petite body shimmered with sweat as she started recuperating from her ordeal.

“She is an absolute delight to watch,” he thought, staring at her scantily clad wet perspiring body. Her dark puffy nipples visible through the wet piece of cloth, her beautiful armpit cracks totally revealed by its large armholes. After the much needed rest, she got up and started drying her body with a towel.

The next three hours passed without much happening, with the exception of the poor girl unintentionally exposing her naked sweaty armpits in front of her nemesis quite a number of times.

At around 1 p.m., after thoroughly dusting the bookshelf, they decided that it was time to clean themselves up. “Time for a bath,” Masbro said looking at her petite little sweaty maid.

At first, Maudy Ayunda seemed to be unsure as to what his motives were. But then he softly whispered, “I’ll clean up your dirty smelly body,”, it all became crystal clear to her. She had no choice but to accept or provoke another merciless tickle-torture.

Reluctantly, she nodded her head and got into the bathroom with her tormentor, who had some wicked plans in store for her.

“ARMPIIIITS….!!!” Masbro ordered once they get in bathroom.

Maudy Ayunda giggled and lifted both her arms above her head to reveal her sweaty, dank armpits. Masbro almost fainted as he saw the sight of those beautiful smooth underarms. Not only were they soft and tender, but also glistened with the sweat covering their ticklish surfaces.

He plunged his soapy fingers into the heavenly hollows of those soft sweaty hairless underarms. With the soap, it was so slippery. Maudy Ayunda knew, it started a new chapter of her tickle torture.


After taking the bath together, they both changed into fresh clothes, Maudy Ayunda was now wearing a black V-neck shirt made of very thin cotton and the guy wearing a boxer short. While having lunch, every time Maudy Ayunda lifted her arms to take the food, Masbro got a shot of her freshly cleaned underarms and felt desire in his veins.

After finishing lunch, Maudy Ayunda started cleaning the dishes. Masbro saw her moving her sexy little body in various ways within that thin fabric clothing of hers during her dishwashing. He felt have to grab hold of that petite torso of hers and give it some squeezing. So he quietly sneaked up from behind the unsuspecting girl and grabbed hold of her thin ribcage with his two hands.

Maudy Ayunda squealed and jumped up as soon as he grabbed hold of her ribs. Masbro jumped with joy at this sight. ‘Golly! She is really ticklish all over, isn’t she’. Especially in that special part of hers for which the guy has a fetish for. Maudy Ayunda jumped off and almost took off as he started claw-tickling her petite ribcage.

With all ten fingers, he grabbed her thin ribs and alternately squeezed and released his fingers over them. This caused an over whelming tickling sensation for the poor little girl and she quickly ran out of breath.

She tried to fend off her attacker using her hands to stop his tickling, but he was too powerful for her. Panting, she begged him to stop tickling her like that and bargained with him that if he let her go now, she would allow him to tie her up and tickle her later that night.

How could Masbro resist an offer like that?

So he reluctantly abandoned his grip over her torso. Released, Maudy Ayunda started taking deep breaths as she was quite worked up from the hard laughing that resulted from his tickling. Beads of sweat had started appearing on her skin. Masbro reluctantly went off to watch TV or else he’d risk losing the bargain with her. Seeing this, she carefully picked up the dishes and started washing them.

After finishing with cleaning the dishes, she went to the TV room and dropped on the bed beside Masbro to take a nap. Already feeling quite tired with all that day’s work, she already was a little bit sweaty all over. The sun was burning like a torch outside that day with afternoon temperatures at around 43*C. The room in itself was becoming stuffy and humid and both of ‘em were sweating quite a bit.

It was getting filled with the scent of their body odors and Masbro’s dick was getting harder and harder as his sexy maid’s body odor kept entering his nasal cavities. All this time, he was finding it real hard to concentrate on the TV as his sweaty maid was looking and smelling oh so delicious.

Unable to control his urge, he turned his head towards her. What he saw blew his mind away. She wore a cute little shirt with huge armpit sleeves that often exposed her entire underarm and stomach region, along with a small skirt. As the top was made of extremely thin fabric, he could easily make out her nipples through the fabric.

It was more like lingerie. This knockout dress was combined with her smooth petite body that shined with sweat. Maudy Ayunda was trying to sleep as she raised her arms up and rested her hands below her head. This clearly exposed her vulnerable underarms to his view and he saw the droplets of sweat forming on her soft hairless underarms.

Immediately he had this terrible urge to touch her there and feel her damp armpits. He wanted to feel the intoxicating touch of her moist underarms, its soft smoothness combined with the sweat, Wow, a knockout combination. But afraid of waking her up, he decided to take it slow. He gave a peek at her body. It was a heavenly sight. Her entire body was by now covered with shiny sweat and her black shirt was soaking wet.

Maudy Ayunda, being unable to sleep in that condition, asked him if it’d be okay for him if she’d take her top off and go off to sleep. It was as if someone asked Masbro if he wanted to know the way to the Holy Grail.

“Okay, whatever you wish”, the guy said, trying to act as indifferent as possible. But, Maudy Ayunda looked at his face and she saw through him, she knew exactly what he’d do if she’d take her top off. She was hesitating, when out of the blues, the guy put his tongue on her left armpit and gave it a quick lick.

“Ummm, tasty” and “AaahhahahahaSTAHAHAP…” were the simultaneous reactions that came from the two sides. She quickly recoiled back her hand trying to protect her underarm, but Masbro’s face got in between her arm and her body trapping it inside her underarm hollow. Unable to protect her underarm, she started struggling with her tormentor, to save herself from getting tickled all over again in her vulnerable spots.

She grabbed his face and tried to bring it out from her armpit cavity (a place where the guy loved to be in) and stop him from licking her there again.

The guy also wouldn’t give up that easy. He extended his tongue trying to gain access to her sweaty armpit hollow, which due to all that struggling, had become even more hollowed out. Sweet scent of girly sweat emanated from her armpit cavity, and Masbro could hardly control the urge to bury his face within her heavenly hollow.

His manhood got stimulated and pressed hard against her soft, scantily clad body. All this struggling and fighting had made them sweat even more, but none of them cared for it. It was a struggle for survival for Maudy Ayunda, as letting go would mean getting tickle-tortured without mercy.

For Masbro, it was entirely different, a struggle for satisfying his needs and desires, a struggle to lick and tickle-torture her sensitive underarms, which were even more sensitive when sweaty. And he actually did enjoy her sweaty hairless underarms more, than when they’re dry n clean.

“Fortune favors the brave!” so goes the saying, but in our story that was not the case. Although, Maudy Ayunda fought bravely with Masbro, she didn’t stand a chance in hell when Masbro, with one clever move, grabbed her thin shimmying waist and started to claw-tickle them with all five fingers.

Squealing out loud, she relinquished her hold on his face and from that moment on her fate was sealed. Masbro brought his face closer and closer to her moist armpit, finally burying it inside her underarm cavity.

Unable to stand the tickling his facial hair was providing her underarm; she burst out giggling in the cutest possible manner. Every time he moved his face within her armpit cavity, his beard and nasal blackheads tickled her sensitive underarm skin like crazy.

This simultaneous tickling at two places in her body was driving her mad; she tried to protect one of them exposing the other one and vice versa. Masbro, however was finding it very pleasurable exploring every nook and cranny of her gal-pal’s sexy sweaty underarms. Using his face as the exploring device, he probed deep into the moist recesses of her stinky armpit, causing her ticklish discomfort with each and every move.

She tried with all her might to protect her underarm from getting tormented, but once his face had slipped from her hands and into her underarm, that was the point of no return. It was a losing battle she was fighting, with every movement of his face, every stroke that his beards made on her ticklish underarm; she grew weaker and weaker due to the intense laughing and squirming.

She was slowly, but surely slipping into the seventh circle of ticklish hell. Masbro knew about all this, and was trying to get on top of her so as to take full advantage of her vulnerable body.

With one quick move, he climbed on top of her stomach and sat on her prostrate body, relinquishing his grasp on her armpit.

Relieved, Maudy Ayunda gave out a sigh, but it was not to last for long. He quickly wrestled her arms over her head, and being weakened by all that tickling, she couldn’t put up much of a resistance. He then procured a nylon rope from his pocket and with one jerk, tied both her wrists together against the bedpost.

Securing her hands tight over her head, he started sliding his fingers from her wrists, slowly towards her highly sensitive underarms, which by now had become even more sweaty and smelly due to all that struggling.

He just loved the feeling of her soft supple skin quiver beneath the touch of his fingers. He enjoyed the sight of fear and horror in her ticklee’s face, there was nothing like the look on her face.

She knew what was to come of her, and started begging and pleading with him to let her go. But there are some things in this world that are not to be, and this was one such thing. Ignoring her pleas completely, he slid his fingers across her inner arms and towards her perspiring armpits with clinical precision, feeling her silky smooth skin getting moist n sweaty along the way.

Maudy Ayunda squealed and squirmed, straining for release, but to no avail.

He had so much power over her that he couldn’t think about letting her go in his wildest dreams, let alone in reality. Looking at her panic stricken messy face, he gave her an evil grin, as if he’ll tickle her to the afterlife.

As he slowly slid his fingers down towards her armpits, he delighted at the feeling of her soft sweaty underarm skin. Straddling her thin waist, he now slowly began his tickle-torture on the poor girl’s helplessly exposed underarms.

He started doing the ‘Horsie’ on the ticklish surface- a four finger walk on the armpits.

He kept on walking his fingers, scratching her underarm skin and marveling at its damp smoothness.

He started with light gentle strokes, slowly increasing the pressure of his touch, the gentle strokes on her armpits giving way to maddeningly ticklish scratching of the soft sweaty surface.

Her giggling turned into “silent laughter” – described by many as the epitome of ticklish hysteria, the Holy Grail that all tickle-fetishists seek from their ticklee.

“Ohhh God!! I can’t take this anymoreee ahhhahahahaha staaap pleassseee”, she managed to squeal out in between the phases of silent laughter.

Her breathing became labored and the look on her face was one of total and utter helplessness.

She was getting tickle-tortured without mercy and there wasn’t a thing in the world she could do to stop it.

Never in her life had she been in such a helpless position and with every passing second, with every stroke he was drawing on her smooth underarms, the situation was becoming more and more hopeless.

Now, she couldn’t even speak a word coherently, everything was becoming blurry, and all that her brain could register was the intense tickling coming from the nerves residing in her moist armpits.

She couldn’t scream anymore…

She couldn’t protest…

Even though her muscles were becoming so tense now. All she could do was take the tickling under her arms for eternity.


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