No more resolution since this year

I don’t see that a resolution is important. A plan is important, but a resolution? It’s just for playing cool. If you know what I’m saying.

For example, me, I’m a steak lover (I mean eater). Certainly, I am not a vegetarian, and have not seriously considered becoming one. But in the end of 2012, I saw that eat less beef seemed to be healthy.

So, in previous 2013, my resolution was to eat less meat (or “red meat”–if this is the proper term, but I am not sure–referring to beef, lamb and chicken) and consume more fish instead (or “white meat”–again, I am not so sure). Done!

Then, I realized that the resolution was ridiculous. When I went outside, I still ordered or picked pizza, burger, satay, kebab, and the likes. And now I feel quite lame with the “I try to eat less meat” statement.

So, I decided not to make any of resolution in 2014. I make a new energy and spirit. Happy new year, fellows!


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