No emancipation, no fun

How do you see woman emancipation?

How do you see woman emancipation?

You know, men should always embrace the woman emancipation idea. Simple example would be, get the women to take inisiatives is always my pleasure. So, sometime I let women on top to relieve me from unecessary burdens.

The woman emancipation is not about women wanting power. It’s about women wanting to be active and able to decide what works for them. They need to nurture themselves, their passion, as well as their call.

They can be working women. Or wives. Or wives and moms. Or working women who are also housewives. These roles do not change the core of a woman. It’s the personality that matters.

Women are positioning themselves as subject, instead of object act. They would act out of sincerity and willingness.

Meanwhile, those who see themselves as object will try to please others in order to get something selfishly. These insecure women are full of ‘plans’ instead of genuine-ness and dedication. They see and target people as objects instead of human beings. I met often ones like this. These women, ladies and gentlemen, you should be warned of.

Don’t be afraid of strong women. On the contrary, truly strong people–including women–are mostly sincere and kind-hearted. Anyway, like I said, women on top are hot.


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