Smart girl won’t look vulgar, even if she is nude

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh

Just browsed various pics of Michelle Yeoh, a talented Malaysian-born Chinese actress, one of the few Asians to make it to Hollywood. There are pics of hers with more revealing dresses, showing some cleavage. I think some females with strong character and wit, particularly those who working in showbiz, won’t look vulgar by that way.

I mean, women like Michelle Yeoh, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Agnes Monica. Despite looking good and sexy, I never find them spreading vulgar vibe. It’s another story with female figures with less strong character, such as Miyabi (well, not because she’s a porn star), Julia Perez, and some others.

I began to think that what a woman shows more or most would become her prominent trait. Thus, two women who are equally good looking and sexy can create different impression, even if they wear similar dresses.

The first one might look sexier (or vulgar) than the second one. Because she chooses to flaunt her physical sensuality over her inner character, which are intellectuality, emotion, spiritual being. The most impression we get from strong women is that they are smart, energetic and professional. Not fragile, tempting and easy to dominate.

Eyes on Natalie Portman, too. She never created a vulgar impression, even though she appeared nude as a stripper in Closer. She’s the smartest and most beautiful actress in USA. I daresay her sexiness does totally come from her brain and personality. It has nothing to do with her body.

Do you agree?

Okay, to give a clearer illustration on another case, it’s as if we’re comparing Bill Gates (one of the richest men on Earth) with Hugh Heffner (who’s also obscenely rich). Bill would look less rich because he chooses not to flaunt his richness and lead more humble life. Stronger impression creates our general perception. You see it too?


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