Why people still bullies the unmarried people?

She's single and is happy

She’s single and is happy

One of the stupidest statements on earth is, “Thirty and not married yet. There must be something wrong with her.” Well, I am a married man, but I am pro with this counter statement.

Don’t buy this cruel, lame statement. There are many people who get married, and there are many wrongs with them. Many marriages are happy and meaningful. On the other side, there are many marriages of fakeness, tears and unhappiness. Marital status is not something to brag, nor to offend people. Marriage is not a final goal in life.

It’s just a path. Each person has and chooses how they lead their own paths. We should respect it. Don’t sweat with anyone who is judging, offending, humiliating or pitying anyone for marital status.

The fact is, many people can’t stand being single just because they can’t stand having relationship with themselves. They can’t bear themselves, fear being judged, being unable to support themselves, maybe biologically, financially, emotionally and mentally.

These fears, of course, are very natural. We all have fears. This only becomes ridiculous when they start to laugh on and offend other people, for the courage and faith they don’t have.

“Pity she’s not married yet.”

“Pity they have no children yet.”

“Look, they got divorced. How shameful.”

When I was single, I was way too smart and tough to let stupid people’s opinion annoy me. But the bitter is, sometimes stupid people happen to be our own relatives or friends, so this lame bullies should be discouraged.

I am just sad that too many women (and even men) are bullied just because of this; Something they shouldn’t be responsible for anyone, but themselves.

Even in small villages or towns, there are people saying “Get married soon! It’s better to get divorced after, than getting married when you’re older!”

Ha-ha. Guys, come on.


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