Lesson I learn today

A lesson

A lesson

Even in business, the young and brilliant Founder of Buffer stated that one of their primary culture is identifying who has taker and giver mentality. “No company would essentially survive even if there’s just one or two team members wanting to dominate or using the company for their own benefits. Selfishness always betrays success in the long run. We can tell who’s taker, who’s giver. What grows an drives a business is sincerity and team work, not power, not money.”

Also, contributing, supporting, loving and protecting each other. That’s what real team mates would do. Not ‘What’s in it for me?’ cheap mentality. Not Greedy, egocentric-selfish people would talk about “who owns what, who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s to blame” either.

Why not talking about the problems, using your clear mind, feeling with your heart, and then solving them? Anyone wanna practice kindness, or just feed the ego?

Jealousy is born when deeply in our heart, we actually want something, so so bad… but we think we can’t have that something because we fear we can never afford it, reach it, possess it–be it mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically. Be it an experience, a feeling, a somebody.

We think we can’t have it, reach it, create it. It’s all our own delusion, our own fear. The monster we need to face, to tame, and eventually embrace. When we shift our fear, we start to see that we also deserve it, and can manifest it. Only then when we realize how powerful and gifted and beautiful we are, we tame our jealousy, and begin to smile, and sincerely nod. “Good to see other people make it. Good to see they’re happy. Cos I can do, too. I’m happy too. Their smile is my smile.”


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