U.S-Russia war in 2014, who wins?

Russia war

Russia war

The negociation between U.S. and Russia about Ukraine has failed. Each of them stands in their own judgement. What is President Putin’s next move. We still don’t know. We just wait and see for Crimea’s referendum this Sunday.

However, “There will be consequences if Ukraine’s independence is violated,” President Obama told reporters. As the previous news, the consequences might be an embargo from the U.S. and NATO countries.

As we know, Russia (formerly Soviet Union or U.S.S.R) and U.S. has a long versus history, specially in the Cold War. In the past, Russia helped the North Vietnamese beat the U.S. in Southeast Asia, while the U.S. helped the Mujahidin defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan.

The chance to Russia declare a war to U.S (and NATO) is small. Really small. But, if it happens, what would it look like?

If this question asked during the Cold War, it would be hard to answer. Like, “who’s going to win when Batman againts Superman?”

But Russia today isn’t the huge bear Soviet Union those days. Benchmarking the military assets, the U.S. beats Russia in almost every category. Russia alone is surrounded by NATO countries.

So, the war wouldn’t end up a draw. But surely, it would hurt the both sides. Even it will hurt Europe.


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