Story behind success

Behind every great person, there are family members or friends who help prepare breakfast or lunch for their hungry tummy. Who brings their dirty clothes to the laundry service. Who takes care of their pets and plants at home.

There are partners to handle some other meticulous tasks. The mentors with whom they discuss serious things for personal and business development and management. The colleagues who recommend them to more clients. Close friends to whom they would share their secrets, fears and tears. Random friends who inform them with interesting events and chances.

Not to mention people who help fix their laptops, paychecks, library membership, hotel room check in and out, diet. Strangers who tell them directions or watch their bag when they quickly escape to toilet.

Behind every seemingly great and successful people, from Presidents, Prime Ministers, superstars, CEOs, athletes, activists, authors, public speakers, motivators, everyone! There are always contributions of bunches of people. So, be nice, be social.


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