5 Selfie taking tips

Let me show you how to take selfie

Let me show you how to take selfie

You know what selfie is, don’t you? Ellen DeGeneres in Academy Oscars did selfie. Barack Obama did it too. So, why don’t you?

In case you don’t know, selfie is picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media. Yes, maybe the word “selfie” is from “selfish“. Maybe.

A selfie is usually accompanied by a kissy face or I-don’t-look-the-camera style. But in fact, you’ll see her or his arm holding out thay camera. God, you can clearly tell that this person doesn’t have any friends to take pictures of them. Ha-ha.

Care to try some selfie taking? OK, read this tips:

  1. Happy selfie taking!

    Happy selfie taking!

    Decide the best angle for you. Take rehearsal shots from the top, left, right, bottom, tilt your head. And evaluate them.

  2. Improve your facial expression. You know, show your kissy lip, duck faces, stupid face, surprised look. or sleepy. Or, just play cool, no smile like a frosty gangster.
  3. Edit if you’re not satisfied. Look pale in the photo? Just import it to laptop and Photoshop it. Sharpen your face, new shirt, or maybe cool car you ride. Blur everything you think isn’t important.
  4. Upload with hashtags. If you’re not pretty as you expected (even after the editing), add #JustWokeUp, #NoMakeUp, or any hashtag you want to give the excuse.
  5. Practice make perfect. Don’t be afraid to practice a lot. Anywhere. Anytime. Never listen to someone else’s protest. Hey, they just envy. They who don’t like selfie are just the old-timers. Ignore what they said.

OK. You’re ready to be a selfie addict now.


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