Natural is essential

Natural beauty is always better

Natural beauty is always better

There is nothing wrong with wearing make up and looking beautiful and attractive. But there are these girls… so many, many girls, instead of struggling for themselves, they put on make up and flaunt their beauty, using themselves as an object.

An object to attract men. Especially rich men, to date, or better yet, to marry them. To guarantee them of enjoying comfortable life, and splurging on luxury without having to work themselves.

These sneaky, ungrateful girls are then using their men as objects. You know what, that is why they spend most of their time putting on make up, ensuring they keep looking fabulous while setting agendas.

Their lives mostly revolve around showing off, comparing each others’ cars, hairdos, clothes, nail arts, holidays, culinary experience. They are also fulfilling their hunger of acknowledgment and admiration, and using men who are as stupid, greedy, unhappy and insecure as themselves.

Girls, that’s not okay. Just stay natural and sincere. Don’t worry, you are beautiful being just you.


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