100 Bucks for a page

A comic artist is a professional too

A comic artist is a professional too

Recently, I need a comic artist to get a part of my big project done. Some artists pitched me. But I am interesting on a comic artist. The problem is, she gave a rate $100/page. Wow! If I need 45 pages, you do the math.

But after I thought about it for a while, no, it’s not that expensive.

You know, a single page of comic could actually take 2-3 days regardless how fast you ink. The artist needs time to read the script (trust me, you want them to do so), do some research, sketch the thumbnails, do revisions, pencil, and ink.

So $100 for a single page is pretty cheap, actually. Because it’s gonna take up, maybe, roughly, 2-3 days top.

However, how many pages she can make a day? She answered, “It is a very tricky answer. What does the question mean? Does that include reading the whole 45 pages, do the research, do the thumbnails, etc?”

She added that she rarely can get a good grip of the story telling by reading one page-draw-ink and then do the next like that and the next until all 45 page are done.

$100/day meaning $36500/year. That’s before taxes. And before whatever the material expense for the art is.

Which is a living wage, but it’s nowhere near “a lot”. And obviously, most people don’t actually work every damn day.

“So for a $100/page, we really should have a decent deadline so we can have another project to balance it out or have a second job,” she told.

OK, well, I think I’m going to reduce the pages. Not because I, I mean my company, can’t pay for 45 pages. It’s because I need the comic get done fast.


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