Born to be superior

Do you want your kid be a "superior" like this?

Do you want your kid be a “superior” like this?

Some people do teach their children to start seeing themselves as superior than other people. It can be “You are pretty (or handsome), Kid. You’re better than those less good looking friends of yours.”

Or, “Mommy and Daddy are super rich, Dear. Pity those poor people who aren’t as lucky as you.”

Or, “You’ve got fair complexion. You’re more attractive than those darker people.”

Or, “We are the descendants of Kings/Queens/Earls/Earl Grey this and that. You’re definitely superior than those commonners. So, don’t act like ones.”

Or, “Dad is the CEO of Company X, Y, Z… Be proud, Son. You’re the chosen one.”

Or, “You inherit my brilliant brain, Darling. Nobody should be as smart as you.”

Or whatever thoughts behind the act of imprinting the superiority feeling. Some–if not many–people literally teach their children this way.

And then we still ask and complain why there are still the acts of bullying, corruption, very low wage, prostitution, and numerous ugly superiority-based practices on Earth.


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