Israel bombing again

Can you feel their pain?

Can you feel their pain?

I am not sure if this is the truth or not. But I’ve read in many forums and noticed it myself that every time Palestine and Palestinians get attacked by Israel, most Christians and Christian countries would be on Israel’s side no matter how horrible the misery of the Palestinians brought by Israel. And that this is simply their religious-based political stance. Not their humanitarian-based statement.

In other side, I also have some Christian friends who genuinely state their deep objection to Israel’s never ending aggression to Palestinians. One devoted Christian friend in the US openly proposed similar question. I am not even sure why such political stance could exist, and if it actually existed at all. But justifying the act of harming humans for whatever reasons is betraying our own morality.

It is as evil and disgusting as when a Muslim says it is righteous to bomb a nightclub just because there are many unbelievers drinking and dancing and sex partying. As idiotic as when a Muslim says it is righteous to not befriend unbelievers, and be on fellow Muslims’ side even if they do wrong things.

As moronic and heartless as when a Muslim says “Let them starve, suffer and die” to a Christian/Catholic/Hindu/Buddhist/Atheist/etc. This blindness exists, yes. And blindness has nothing to do with our beliefs.

I understand how sensitive this issue is to everyone. But the challenge we face is to live peacefully side by side with the differences we have, and instead of pointing out who’s right who’s wrong, we need to ask our own mind and heart, what is the right thing to do.

How to stop things from getting worse. Anyone getting hurt and attacked–let alone brutally, massively and continuously–deserves help and concern. And, yes, it is possible to do when we put aside our ego for a while and focus on prioritizing humanity. Yes, humanity. Because that’s why we’re called humans in the very first place.


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