Internet paradox

Internet is a double edge knife

In this new age, a family could be sitting together at a dinner table, but they don’t talk each other. They focus on their own gadget: cellphone, tablet, or notebook. This is the paradox of the new world.

People near us becomes far. Meanwhile, people far away feels like close to us. How often we do Skype with a friend in Canada? Video chat with family who are traveling in Japan? But we never said hi to a coworker in the next room.

Many of us prefer social media rather than go to a coffee shop with friends. Many people think that join with cyber communities is enough, even though there are some artificialities there. People copy-pasted other’s status, faked photo profiles, pretend to be a good person, et cetera.

The population in the earth grows more and more every second. But weirdly, some research says, men today are even more feel lonely. Do you have the answer?

People use the application work for free, yet they want the best service. There should be no mistakes! When Yahoo!Mail had a little problem in their service for few days, do you know how many millions of email, tweets and posts of anger users shot to their customer care? Like they forget that they never spent a penny to use Ymail.

Other phenomenon is in game realm. We play games addictedly so we are willing to pay the real money for fictitious power, ability or ammunition for our avatar in the game.

Yes, we no longer know who the good guys and who the bad guys in Internet. Friends in Facebook and followers in Twitter, who they actually are? Are they real human or just a bot? We never know!

This is the world we live now. Everything is different now. It’s an ultimate challenge for us and our family.


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