Watching Interstellar

Watching Interstellar

It is interesting to see that almost all my Indonesian friends loves Interstellar, while almost all my non-Indonesian friends are not impressed by it. I just got out of the theater and I have to admit that after the half of the movie, I was bored to death.

I usually don’t think too much when I watch a movie. But if I can sort of guess the ending far before Interstellar ends, well… Let’s say, I’ve seen such ending several times before and it’s getting old.

Don’t ask me what are the films with that ending. I am not good with (movie) titles so if you challenge me to tell you movies with similar ending, don’t bother. I won’t remember.

I just want to say, if you have three hours to spend, go watch Interstellar. It’s not not-beautiful, after all. Not terrible at all!

It actually happened with the two Nolan’s Batmans too. I don’t remember much about the last one and with The Dark Knight, I couldn’t wait to leave after the half of the movie. However, I still enjoyed it when I watched at that time. I just won’t watch it ever again.

Not like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Life of Pi, GoTG, The Hobbits, Gone Girl, etc. I would happily watch them again and again.

Oh, and 3 Idiots (Indian movie)! If you want your 3-4 hours well spent seeing a movie, check out this Bollywood’s best selling comedy. By the end of it, I wish the movie were longer, hahaha. Never got sick of watching it.


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