Misleading advertisement

College student earn 1,000 dollars in translating. Ha!

College student earn 1,000 dollars in translating. Ha!

I felt sad, sick and disgusted when reading that one very popular article I ran into when reading stuff on Huffington Post, ViralNova, etc. This very article entitled “College student in Jakarta earning $$$$/day doing translation work” (or something like that). And it continues with the person being profiled saying, “It’s very easy, it doesn’t need specific skill and talent. All you need is internet connection, dictionary, and couple hours a day.”

I don’t care if that one stupid article is scammy or whatever. But I care about the messages implied there, which are a total fallacy. And it teaches and encourages people to be lazy, ignorant and greedy. I remember going to Suramadu Bridge with a friend from Amsterdam, and in the taxi she asked, “I read some articles on the Internet about Indonesians getting easy money from doing translation work from various clients internationally. Is it true?”

Yes, translation is not a cheap thing. And for specific fields (Medicine, Law, Technology, and Literature), it takes greater skill because it’s harder work. Some excellent translators are even paid horribly low due to stupid and fierce rate competition, which encourage clients to disrespect this profession, while those random say something like, “Yes, we can translate.”

It’s similar to those scammy ad about “a mom found a $5 wrinkle trick” or “a very shocking ab / six pack trick” things like that. Not based on truth, probably not based on anything. Just to drive traffic to something fictional that never existed.


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