Elvira’s Costume in Miss Universe

Best Costume in 2015 Miss Universe, performed by Elvira Devinamira

Best Costume in 2015 Miss Universe, performed by Elvira Devinamira

Miss Indonesia, Elvira Devinamira, won Best Costume in Miss Universe event few weeks ago. I don’t like much such event. But I wondered how does the costume looks like. I browsed, then… what a…

I know, what they mean “National Costume” don’t have to be something based on what is considered the national costume of the country, but rather a costume that represents the country in some way. And I know, Elvira’s costume is meant to represent a temple. I think, it is a kick ass armor on a kick ass woman.

But, that just hurts my eyes so bad. Seriously, this is God damn customized national costume. But that ‘temple thing’ is so far off.

After all, can I suggest Indonesia needs a woman dressed like a real volcano for the next Miss Universe?

It actually looks like a volcano, and you can’t even see a woman in it. And when the other contestants laugh or make comments, she spews hot ash on them. Then, when there is nothing but the charred remains of once beautiful contestants littering the stage, Miss Indonesia rips aways the volcano to reveal an elegant Batik gown.

“This competition is over,” she yells. “I am the queen of the universe. For now and forever!” And then the cameras cut to a slack jawed audience as Miss Indonesia accepts her crown, laughing maniacally.

Oh, come on.


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