India is crazy, some say

In a barbershop in Jakarta, I sat queueing to cut my hair. A Bollywood movie was playing on a TV station. Among the drama, suddenly (like usually) an intro music played. And a woman character started to sing. Accidently, I noticed a customer of the barbershop crossed his forehead with finger. I don’t know what exactly he meant. But I guess he was annoyed by the song and the (illogical) dance in the drama movie, and saw that the movie is crazy.

What can I say. Here in Indonesia, some people adores Indian movies. But some people doesn’t at all. They even underestimate the Bollywood. Or worst, all things of India!

I just smiled to that stigma. I think India is like everywhere on the earth. There are good movie, and there are bad ones. There are good people, and there are bad ones. There are beautiful people, and there are ugly ones. It’s very normal. I never understood, why do they have the ultimate hatred toward India?

Let’s see the fact. India’s population as of 2011 is 1,210,193,422. Now, maybe more than 1.5 billions. The big genius of the West can not even imagine to run economics in India. It is very complex. Yes, India is way behind when it comes to development and technology, but they are progressing.

The state of India today is mainly because of the congress led government. It ruled India for almost 90% of the time after independence. The corruption, poverty, everything increased. But, everybody could see how they are becoming more responsible now.

So, let’s just respect each other, while broaden our knowledge.


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