My sister in law Lena now wear glasses

Sister with glasses

“Since when did you wear that?” I asked my sister in law. I never met her since almost a decade ago. “I remember you hated the glasses.”

“Whoa, whoa, still I hate it. My childhood wish was to not wear glasses. But that woman testing my eyes with those giant E alphabet and the other tiny alphabets ruined my wish one afternoon,” said the teenager.

“Huh? When was it?”

“When she told my parents that I had to wear glasses. I was 10, you know!”

“Oh, we didn’t meet that long?”

“Aaaanddd… it was miserable to come to class and get subtly bullied or teased by your classmates when you became the first human in class to wear a pair of glasses. Ah. People still lived in the Dark Age, I wished I had a magic wand to turn those kids into monkeys or frogs every time they called me For Eyes,” she told me.

“Thanks God, gone are the days when people see people with glasses as weird or drab or pathetic nerds or whatever… I’ve heard some charming gentlemen tell me in person I am one of the cutest, hottest and beautiful women with glasses they know.”

Hahaha, glad to know that. But for me, no thank you. Wearing glasses is not enjoyable, little sist. But  yes, you’re cute, by the way.


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