Different stats, different number

In websites, different stats developer would result different numbers. Don't sweat it.

In websites, different stats developer would result different numbers. Don’t sweat it.

If you are a blogger or a webmaster, you must know, there are some bold differences between statistic builders. That kind of difference is not unusual at all, but it’s certainly not a conspiracy to inflate the numbers! If you do a little searching, you will find lots of criticism about Google Analytics undercounting visitors. Cookies may be disabled or they may not expire between visits which will cause their numbers to be very low.

See the WordPress and Weebly statistic now. It’s counting by IP address. So it doesn’t have those problems, but it can overcount in certain situations. For example, some ISPs assign “roving IP addresses” so the same visitor could be counted over and over.

Which method is more accurate? It’s hard to answer. Because it really depends on a lot of things but neither one is going to give you the exact number of visitors and one method may be more “off” for a particular website than another.

If lots of your visitors are coming from high-security networks where cookies are blocked, then Google’s numbers will be VERY low and WordPress’s will be more accurate. If lots of your visitors use ISPs that assign roving IP addresses, then Weebly’s numbers will be very high and Google will be more accurate.

For everyone, the true number of visitors is going to be somewhere in between the two. And guess what, if you install another analytics tool, you’ll likely get a completely different number from it!

There is just not a perfect way to count that is always going to be 100% accurate. Stats are mostly useful for estimating your traffic and gauging trends.


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