LinkedIn disaster

Recently notice, LinkedIn offered me an automatic invitation by synchronizing all the contacts in my e-mail list and smartphone. Somehow, I thought that was a bad idea. But I also thought that it would be too exhausting to sort the contacts manually. So I was in a dilemma between pressing Proceed or Cancel.

I pressed Proceed, anyway. Since I am too tired to maintain this professional social media. Or… just too lazy, actually. Click!

And a couple minutes later….

My Dad: “What is LinkedIn?” he texted me.

My representative colleague in Italy messaged me on Facebook: “Hey, I received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Aren’t we connected already?”

My junior in college phoned me: “Bro, sorry, I don’t have LinkedIn account…”

My cheeky friend somewhere e-mailed me: “We are already connected, you know. Why did you invite me again? What about dinner invitation?” (it was added by a silly wink emoticon)

But those were not a problem. Until suddenly it the invitation also automatically went to my annoying ex-clients, my ex-girlfriend(s), my frenemies, the guy or girl I’ve been desperately avoiding in any ways… And whatnots. Shit. I wonder which button to press Cancel all this.

Such is digital age. So dilemmatic.


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