Animal cruelty on the farm makes me sick

Watching horrible cruelty towards “unwanted little cows”, which they called “waste”, gives me awkward moment. I am talking about dairy industry in New Zealand, whose products are exported to many Asian countries.

Sexy cow girl in the village

After watching that viral video, I have difficulty in drinking imported milk. It does not taste so good anymore when I sipped, drank, and swallowed the milk.

Animal cruelties are everywhere. Sadly to say. My heart bleed. The New Zealand so called authority has confirmed that the general farming industry in the country is not as bad as what people thinks.

Thankfully, I have some New Zealand good friends. One or two grew up in farm too. They love animals and confirmed that the video is not how the farming in New Zealand looks. But the point of industrial scale of milk producing reached the audience by this kind of provoking broadcast.

Will people slows down in consuming dairy products? I doubt it. Maybe it’s better to tackle the issue from the other side, tightening farming regulation and increase awareness of animal welfare.

Gosh, I recall when I was a kid. I visited a small village of my own. There, the farmers treated the cows and goats well. I got the chance to learn to milk them and see how the milk got boiled and served.

Fresh milk from this small sized industry tasted so good. I drank that while seeing the healthy and happy cows with their children.

Now, I wonder which dairy products I should consume. As an animal and Earth lover, this actually concerns me.

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