LinkedIn disaster

Recently notice, LinkedIn offered me an automatic invitation by synchronizing all the contacts in my e-mail list and smartphone. Somehow, I thought that was a bad idea. But I also thought that it would be too exhausting to sort the contacts manually. So I was in a dilemma between pressing Proceed or Cancel. Continue reading


Misleading advertisement

College student earn 1,000 dollars in translating. Ha!

College student earn 1,000 dollars in translating. Ha!

I felt sad, sick and disgusted when reading that one very popular article I ran into when reading stuff on Huffington Post, ViralNova, etc. This very article entitled “College student in Jakarta earning $$$$/day doing translation work” (or something like that). And it continues with the person being profiled saying, “It’s very easy, it doesn’t need specific skill and talent. All you need is internet connection, dictionary, and couple hours a day.” Continue reading