playing with watery pitsI’m a female armpit’s fans since I was in elementary school. Sick, you think? No, I say! You’ll be surprised knowing that I’m not the only man on earth who has fetish in woman’s armpit, axilla (Latin), aisselle (France), ketiak (Malay), ketek (Batavia), kelek (Java), achsel (Denmark), or hunderds more terms.

Don’t believe me? Find out yourself. I even built a community of girl pits lover in Indonesia. It’s called Herpits. Check the website if you have time or same ‘uniquness’ with me.

Or if you Indonesian or know Indonesian language, please check another Herpits blog too.

Meanwhile, I run Armpit Philosophy (i.e. this blog) as a personal blog. Actually, this is about things happen in this shitty world. Not only the armpits. But since I’m an armpiters, my life and point of view are colored by beautiful underarms. That thing is so influencing to me. You’ll understand what I’m saying after read some of my articles here.

If you like me or what I’m doing, please click follow button on the sidebar, circle my Google+, follow my Twitter, and like my Facebook. That’s all I ask.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. wow, your blog is very outspoken. Maybe I’ll visit again if you show some scientific background on the posts. Maybe interesting!

  2. it would be if i can meet gourgeous ladies with their sweaty armpit. like to sniff & be smothered by em to hi3

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