Movie List

These are my favorite movies. Not because they won Oscar, Palm d’or or such. It’s because there are armpit revealing scenes that have satisfied me.

  • Adventures of Hajji Baba (Don Weis, USA: 1954) with Elaine Stewart.
  • Bad Teacher (Jake Kasdan, USA: 2011) with Cameron Diaz.
  • Big Doll House (Jack Hill, USA/Philippines: 1971) with Pat Woodall.
  • Break Up (Paul Marcus, USA: 1998) with Bridget Fonda.
  • Bruce Lee My Brother (Manfred Wong & Wai Man Yip, Hongkong: 2010) with Gong Mi.
  • Chameleon 3: Dark Angel (John Lafia, Australia: 2000) with Bobbie Phillips.
  • Double Impact (Sheldon Lettich, USA: 1991) with Alonna Shaw.
  • Fils du Vent, Les (a.k.a. The Great Challenge a.k.a. Yamakasi 2 (Julien Seri,
  • France: 2004) with Elodie Yung.
  • Furia Asesina (René Cardona, Mexico: 1990) with Leticia Lozoya.
  • Gadis Pendekar (Jopi Burnama, Indonesia: 1990) with Yurike Prastica.
  • Insidous (James Wan, UK: 2010) with Rose Byrne.
  • Jakarta Project (Indra Yudhistira Ramadhan, Indonesia: 2001) with Poppy Devina.
  • Jonah Hex (Jimmy Hayward, USA: 2010) with Megan Fox.
  • King of Fighters (Gordon Chan, Japan/USA: 2010) with Monique Ganderton.
  • Malena (Giuseppe Tornatore, Italy/USA: 2000) with Monica Bellucci.
  • Mendadak Dangdut (Rudi Soedjarwo, Indonesia: 2006) with Titi Kamal.
  • Menebus Impian (Hanung Bramantyo, Indonesia: 2010) with Acha Septriasa.
  • Mongoli, I (André de Toth & Leopoldo Savona, Italy/France: 1961) with Antonella Lualdi.
  • Natural Born Killer (Oliver Stone, USA: 1994) with Juliette Lewis.
  • Nekromantik 2: Die Rückkehr der liebenden Toten (Jörg Buttgereit, Germany: 1991) with Monika M.
  • Tanah Surga Katanya (Herwin Novianto, Indonesia: 2012) with Astri Nurdin.
  • Stormquest (Alejandro Sessa, USA: 1987) with Monica Gonzaga.
  • Vineyard, The (James Hong & William Rice, Hongkong: 1989) with Lisa Zappardino.
  • Warrior Queen (Chuck Vincent, Italy/UK/USA: 1987) with Tally Chanel.
  • World Without Thieves, A (Feng Xiaogang, Hongkong: 2004) with Li Bingbing.

12 thoughts on “Movie List

  1. bro…yang gadis pendekar gue bisa minta videonya gak…part yg yurike di iket bondage aja….share di youtube kek atau di 4 shared terserah bro…gue pgn bgt…tlg dong

  2. Starship Troopers had some good armpit scenes. The shower scene was incredible: armpits everywhere. I think the director, Paul Verhoeven, is an armpit lover.

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