Do babies love poems?

Babies love beautiful words, even when it's still in the uterus

Babies love beautiful words, even when it’s still in the uterus

Yeah, sure! Children love repetition, rhyme, and something like that! They respond for poems. Maybe this is less scientific, but I did some experiments to my nephews and nieces (who are under two year old). They always smile when I read them some poems, which are not funny and I didn’t make it look funny. Continue reading


Dark armpit and diabetes

Is that dark armpit symptom of diabetes?

Is that dark armpit symptom of diabetes?

Some people think that when you have a dark underarms, you must be at risk for getting diabetes (type 2). Is that right? Firstly, diabetes is a condition in which there is too much blood sugar in the body system. The excess sugar eventually ends up being excreted in the urine. Continue reading

Benefit of hugs

Hug me please

Hug me please

According to research from the University of Vienna recently, there are some benefit of simple activity called hug. Hugging someone you love releases the hormone oxytocin that gives you a physical boost. The hormone oxytocin was released into the blood stream when you are hugging. This activity reduces anxiety and can even improve your memory. Continue reading

To get the pure odor of her


So white, so sweat, mmm ….ACTUALLY, the strongest aroma of woman is not at her axilla, even if it’s so sweaty armpit ever! But simply at genital area. The pits become interesting because seldom any disease would hide out there, as long as she take good care of it. No matter whom is gonna your target, star or someone in your everyday life, remember these: Continue reading