Fun Stuff

The Links

Below are blogs I found interesting while blogwalking. It’s a random subject. But, I don’t know, I just want to bookmark them here. Listed by alphabetical order.

  • Aisselle d’elle. The blog’s owner, Delilah C, is talking about female armpits in corridor of science here. I don’t understand the language, but nice pics. It’s in French.
  • Alonna Shaw. I’d been missing her hot armpits (in Van Damme’s Double Impact movie). But then found her. She’s a novelist now. And this is her very blog. It’s in English.
  • Herpits. No comment. This is the biggest community in Indonesia when you are talking about female armpits. It’s in Indonesian and English.
  • Herpits Indonesia. This is our blog. It tells stories about female armpits in the social life. It’s in Indonesian.
  • Rochelle Ashana. You know the sexy, sweaty girl in Sword of Bushido movie? This is her Google+ account. It’s in English.
  • Universitas Ketiak. Tips and knowledge about how to take care armpits. It’s in Indonesian.

I don’t expect you to click them. This page is just my personal bookmark page.

The Gallery

These are my collective pictures of some female armpits. Every folder below contains at least 10 images, and counting. This is not static collection, I will update it regularly. If you want to see them, just click it. An ad will pop-up in new tab. Wait for 5 seconds, and click “SKIP AD” on the up-right. Then, you see those collections.

Art Gallery

However, same as The Links above, I don’t expect you to click them either. This is just my personal cave, after all. My secret gallery I’ve build for myself.


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