Lesson I learn today

A lesson

A lesson

Even in business, the young and brilliant Founder of Buffer stated that one of their primary culture is identifying who has taker and giver mentality. “No company would essentially survive even if there’s just one or two team members wanting to dominate or using the company for their own benefits. Selfishness always betrays success in the long run. We can tell who’s taker, who’s giver. What grows an drives a business is sincerity and team work, not power, not money.” Continue reading


I feel like tickling Marissa Mayer for this

Marissa Mayer (click to enlarge)

Marissa said, “Give us a week.” And in my head, she added, “Or else, each Yahoo user may tickle my armpits until his email works normally.”

If you are a YahooMail user, you know what I mean. It’s been five days I can’t access my inbox normally. I have three Yahoo accounts, and they all are in trouble. Sometimes I could read and write email, often I could not. Continue reading