I feel like tickling Marissa Mayer for this

Marissa Mayer (click to enlarge)

Marissa said, “Give us a week.” And in my head, she added, “Or else, each Yahoo user may tickle my armpits until his email works normally.”

If you are a YahooMail user, you know what I mean. It’s been five days I can’t access my inbox normally. I have three Yahoo accounts, and they all are in trouble. Sometimes I could read and write email, often I could not.

I am a big fans of Yahoo. But under the new CEO, Marissa Mayer, I have swallowed disappointment. Twice, at least.

When few months ago, Marissa Mayer has changed Ymail’s appereance into something more heavy and uneasy (pretending to be Gmail), that was my first disapointment. However, I am still loyal as Yahooer. I never turned into Google or Hotmail. Even for my Google+ and Blogspot, I use Yahoo email.

Now, the second disappointment. We almost can not access our own email. I lost connection with clients. Suffering some delayed answers. I lost the news that I subscribe through YahooMail. I could not do recovery password just when I needed it most. You know, my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, and others use my YahooMail.

Marissa Mayer ready for getting tickled (click to enlarge)

Yahooooo! Week-end is coming, Marissa! Don’t say anything anymore and get your armpits ready. Hope your bladder is empty now.

Brief, my Yahoos are my hub emails. Can you imagine what disaster do I have to face when I just can’t sign in Yahoo account? And I believe I am not the only one who gave Yahoo totally trust.

Oh, God. Someone has to punish Marissa Mayer for costing us troubles. For letting us down. I think I’d like to tickle her while her team does work on this shit. So she can speed up the team to get everything normal soon. No, not “soon”, I mean “now”.

Please, get everything normal now. Believe me, you don’t want to deal with my fingers.


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